2021 GG Spring Festival

GGSF Super MILLION$ ME-H: $10,300, $10M GTD
Dias: 2

Gottlieb Crippled, Aido Busted Before Break

Nível 28 : 35,000-70,000, 8,500 ante
Sergio Aido
Sergio Aido

Sergio Aido shoved in the cutoff over a hijack open from Joakim Andersson for about 900K. Andersson looked him up with sixes and Aido had pocket threes. He busted when he didn't improve.

On another table, Lev "LevMeAlone" Gottlieb raised to 140K on the button and Nicolo Molinelli shoved for just shy of 2 million in the small blind. Gottlieb called with {9-Diamonds}{9-Spades} and was against {k-Hearts}{q-Clubs}. The board was good for Gottlieb until a queen river paired Molinelli.

Barely covered, Gottlieb is left with less than two big blinds as they head to break.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Joakim Andersson se
Joakim Andersson
4,933,000 937,000
Nicolo Molinelli it
Nicolo Molinelli
4,017,000 3,314,568
Lev "LevMeAlone" Gottlieb
Lev "LevMeAlone" Gottlieb
123,000 -1,401,000
Sergio Aido es
Sergio Aido