€5,300 EPT Main Event

Event Info

Buy-in €5,300
Premiação €11,125,900
Players 2,294

Informações do Nível

Nível 40
Blinds 600,000 / 1,200,000
Ante 1,200,000

Informações do Jogador - Dia 6

Jogadores Restantes 1
Entries 6

Seat 3: Patrik Jaros, 29, Czech Republic – 14,975,000

Patrik Jaros
Patrik Jaros

Patrik Jaros likes to play computer games – mainly World of Warcraft. "I'm not that good at sports," he said. But he's very solid at poker.

Jaros played the game for fun with friends in high school. When he turned 18, he started to look for live action. Jaros initially considered poker only as a part-time source of income. But after a year, he quit his regular job to focus fully on poker.

Although mainly a cash game player, Jaros has racked up more than $220,000 in tournament cashes. Gradually moving from smaller to higher stakes, Jaros has improved his career-best score several times this year.

He will do that again here in Barcelona, turning his second-ever EPT Main Event appearance into at least a six-figure score. He can become the Czech Republic's second EPT winner, following Jan Skampa's win at EPT Prague 2009.

Patrick Jaros' Main Event run

Day 277,500384/780
Day 3497,00047/210
Day 42,200,0006/64
Day 510,350,0003/16
Day 614,975,0001/6
Patrik Jaros cz
Patrik Jaros
cz 14,975,000

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Seat 4: Fabiano Kovalski, 34, Brazil – 12,925,000

Fabiano Kovalski
Fabiano Kovalski

Fabiano Kovalski might be called the EPT Barcelona Main Event specialist. This is the fourth time he will be cashing in this tournament, adding to his ITM finishes from 2016, 2018, and 2019.
The second cash was the biggest as Kovalski came close to making the final table. At the time, he would bow out in 11th place for €98,900.

With over $1 million in cashes and experience with such a deep run, Kovalski is in a great spot to make the most of his first EPT Main Event final table appearance. And it's not just Barcelona where Kovalski thrives. The Brazilian boasts nearly $5 million in online winnings at PokerStars, where he plays as "kovalski1".

Fabiano Kovalski's Main Event run

Day 283,500350/780
Day 3291,00099/210
Day 41,600,0009/64
Day 54,540,0006/16
Day 612,925,0003/6
Fabiano Kovalski br
Fabiano Kovalski
br 12,925,000

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Seat 5: Giuliano Bendinelli, 31, Italy – 10,700,000

Giuliano Bendinelli
Giuliano Bendinelli

Giuliano Bendinelli has been playing the EPT events for more than a decade. He had cashed in five Main Event before the record-breaking EPT Barcelona tournament, but none were big deep runs.

Bendinelli's resume, however, includes a lot of side event results. Until this trip, Bendinelli's top score had stood at €100,000 for nine years. Back then, he won a €1,100 event at EPT Monte Carlo.

Now guaranteed to eclipse $1 million in live cashes, Bendinelli will set a new career-high with his EPT Barcelona payday. He can join Salvatore Bonavena and Antonio Buonanno as the third EPT Main Event champion from Italy and end an eight-year drought for the country.

Giuliano Bendinelli's Main Event run

Day 284,500344/780
Day 3274,000104/210
Day 41,155,00024/64
Day 55,885,0005/16
Day 610,700,0004/6
Giuliano Bendinelli it
Giuliano Bendinelli
it 10,700,000

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Seat 6: Neville Costa, 30, Brazil – 10,550,000

Neville Mateus
Neville Mateus

Brazilian player Neville Costa lives in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina. From home games through poker clubs, he made the steps to turn pro several years ago.

Costa has amassed around $60,000 in reported live cashes, with the best deep run dating back to the 2014 WSOP Monsterstack event (47th for $26,534).

At PokerStars, Costa uses the moniker "NevilleWeeee“. He has already banked a six-figure prize in the online arena. He finished sixth in the 2020 WSOP Online Millionaire Maker for $288,356.

With his first EPT Main Event cash, Costa is guaranteed to best that online result. He (or Kovalski) can become the second Brazilian champion, following Marcelo Mesqueu‘s title at the tour‘s previous stop in Monte Carlo.

Neville Costa's Main Event Run

Day 2104,000248/780
Day 3301,00093/210
Day 41,595,00010/64
Day 53,825,0007/16
Day 610,550,0005/6
Neville Costa br
Neville Costa
br 10,550,000

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€5,300 EPT Main Event
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