2018 PokerStars.es EPT Barcelona

€1,100 EPT National
Dias: 3

Jan Dentler Eliminated in 7th Place (€91,220)

Nível 36 : 250,000-500,000, 500,000 ante
Jan Dentler
Jan Dentler

Julien Martini raised from under the gun to 1.2m, and Jan Dentler moved all in for 5.5m from the cutoff. The rest of the table folded and Martini called.

Julien Martini:{a-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}
Jan Dentler: {a-Hearts}{9-Hearts}

Board: {5-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}{k-Diamonds}{10-Spades}{a-Spades}

Dentler saw his hand was dominated and he would be eliminated unless the board came to his rescue. There was no sign of help on the flop, and the ten of spades on the turn only cemented the pot to Martini.

Dentler missed out on a place at the table on the final day and walked away in 7th place for €91,220.

The play has now been concluded for the day, and the players will return tomorrow at noon.

The full chip counts will be posted shortly and a recap of the day's action will follow later.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Julien Martini fr
Julien Martini
33,000,000 6,000,000
Jan Dentler de
Jan Dentler

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