2020 PokerStars EPT Online

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EPT Online 18: $1,050 NLHE [8-Max, Turbo]

Event Info

Premiação $818,000
Players 818

Informações do Jogador - Dia 1

Jogadores Restantes 1
Entries 818
EPT Online 18: $1,050 NLHE [8-Max, Turbo]
Dia 1 Terminado

Pedro "PaDiLhA SP" Padilha Wins the Turbo PKO

Pedro Padilha, Winner of EPT Online 18
Pedro Padilha, Winner of EPT Online 18

It was an action packed day in EPT Online 18: $1,050 NLHE [8-Max, Turbo], and after about five hours of play, Brazil's Pedro "PaDiLhA SP" Padilha has won the lion's share of the $818,000 prize pool. Padilha made his way through 818 entries to take down more than $78K in bounties in addition to the nearly $60K in prize money.

Padilha is no stranger to the big prizes. Today's win adds to more than $5M in winnings on PokerStars alone, with more than $7M in lifetime earnings online. He's also a member of the million dollar club live, with wins totaling $1,052,301 on the live felt. Between live and online results, the $138,358 win today marks his fourth biggest lifetime cash.

Final Table Results

1Pedro "PaDiLhA SP" PadilhaBrazil$78,781$59,577
2Ilya "thienlao21" KorobkinUkraine$14,734$59,576
4Ognyan "cocojamb0" DimovBulgaria$5,922$27,125
8BenArfaa10United Kingdom$8,180$7,852
9Pedro "gusmaa" GusmaBrazil$4,398$6,150

The Day's Action

They started dealing at 3:05 p.m. eastern time today, and it was a sprint from the start. By the time the 95 minutes of late registration was over, 818 entries crushed the $500K guarantee and put $818,000 in the kitty. A total of 103 players were set to share in those prizes, and there were just under 300 players still fighting for those prizes.

Harry Lodge
Harry Lodge

It only took an hour to play down to the money, with "jjj77777" as the unfortunate bubble player. They didn't slow down any once the money bubble burst, and about 90 minutes later they were down to the final table. Among the players to cash out in the money prior to the final table in this one were Harry "Iamapoopie" Lodge, Conor "1_conor_b_1" Beresford, Chris "ImDaNuts" Oliver, Niklas "Lena900" Astedt, and Espen "Hymn2Ninkasi" Jorstad.

The final table action proceeded just as quickly, with bustouts every few hands until they got down to three-handed play. It stalled a bit there, but ten minutes later "ruben0721" was out in third after losing a race. That set up a quick heads-up battle between Padilha and Ilya "thienlao21" Korobkin.

Korobkin almost didn't make it that far. He had a big stack early in the day, then lost a chunk to "oriente1" before the money bubble. Just before the bubble though, Korobkin was all in at risk, but coolered Marc "Rowniwn" Radgen with aces over eights, and around 40 minutes later, he was back in it with a better than 4 million chip stack.

Padilha went on a tear near the end of the day. He eliminated two players to get it ten handed, then knocked out three of the first four players off the final table. Korobkin eliminated two more, then Padilha got them heads up where it all ended in a massive cooler when Korobkin got jacks in but ran into aces and had to settle for second place.

Ilya "thienlao21" Korobkin Eliminated in 2nd Place ($59,576)

Ilya "thienlao21" Korobkin Eliminated in 2nd Place ($59,576)
Ilya "thienlao21" Korobkin Eliminated in 2nd Place ($59,576)

Blinds: 500K/1M/125K

The decisive hand was actually the second last hand of the night, and it was a cooler. Pedro "PaDiLhA SP" Padilha raised to 2M, and Ilya "thienlao21" Korobkin reraised to 6.25M. Padilha called then called again for 6.5025M on the {4-Spades}{4-Hearts}{8-Spades} flop. Korobkin shoved the {k-Hearts} turn, and Padilha called.

Pedro "PaDiLhA SP" Padilha: {a-Hearts}{a-Diamonds}
Ilya "thienlao21" Korobkin: {j-Hearts}{j-Clubs}

Board: {4-Spades}{4-Hearts}{8-Spades}{k-Hearts}{10-Hearts}

The aces held, and Korobkin was left with barely 3BB. They went in on the next hand, and Padilha took it down. Korobkin earned more than $14K in bounties along with the prize money.

Pedro "PaDiLhA SP" Padilha br 81,800,000 42,264,051
Ilya "thienlao21" Korobkin Eliminado

Even Stacks (Completo)

They are close to even going into the break after a hand where Ilya "thienlao21" Korobkin took down a 20M+ pot on the river of {4-Diamonds}{k-Spades}{8-Hearts}{7-Spades}{10-Hearts} without showdown.

Ilya "thienlao21" Korobkin 42,264,051 12,524,518
Pedro "PaDiLhA SP" Padilha br 39,535,949 -12,524,518

Leia tudo

"ruben0721" Eliminated in 3rd Place ($36,981)

"ruben0721" Eliminated in 3rd Place ($36,981)
"ruben0721" Eliminated in 3rd Place ($36,981)

Blinds: 400K/800K/100K

Pedro "PaDiLhA SP" Padilha shoved a big stack from the small blind and "ruben0721" called it off in the big to set up a race between their fives and the ace-ten of Padilha. Padilha hit the {q-Spades}{7-Spades}{10-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}{4-Spades} and "ruben0721" was out for $36,981 plus more than $2,000 in bounties.

Pedro "PaDiLhA SP" Padilha br 52,060,467 24,000,359
Ilya "thienlao21" Korobkin 29,739,533 -15,834,635
ruben0721 nl Eliminado

Ognyan "cocojamb0" Dimov Eliminated in 4th Place ($27,125)

Ognyan Dimov
Ognyan Dimov

Ognyan "cocojamb0" Dimov shoved under the gun and Ilya "thienlao21" Korobkin called it off from the big blind. He was playing ten-seven again, against ace-nine, but once again he got there on the {6-Spades}{7-Diamonds}{8-Spades}{k-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds} and Dimov had to settle for 4th place, and more than $30K in combined prizes.

Ilya "thienlao21" Korobkin 45,574,168 11,017,324
Pedro "PaDiLhA SP" Padilha br 28,060,108 -6,439,112
ruben0721 nl 8,165,724 2,889,112
Ognyan "cocojamb0" Dimov bg Eliminado

"rasek26" Eliminated in 5th Place ($19,897)

"rasek26" Eliminated in 5th Place ($19,897)
"rasek26" Eliminated in 5th Place ($19,897)

Blinds: 300K/600K/75K

"rasek26" shoved the button, and Ilya "thienlao21" Korobkin called from the big blind and was in bad shape with ten-seven into sevens, but he hit the {j-Clubs}{k-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{a-Clubs} board to bust "rasek26" for more than $35K combined.

Ilya "thienlao21" Korobkin 34,556,844 9,884,364
Pedro "PaDiLhA SP" Padilha br 34,499,220 -2,628,150
Ognyan "cocojamb0" Dimov bg 7,467,324 -150,000
ruben0721 nl 5,276,612 -1,050,000
rasek26 PL Eliminado

"SDok" Eliminated in 6th Place ($14,594)

"SDok" Eliminated in 6th Place ($14,594)
"SDok" Eliminated in 6th Place ($14,594)

"SDok" shoved the button, and Pedro "PaDiLhA SP" Padilha continued their domination with a call. It was another race spot with Padilha holding over cards against the pair for "SDok", and Padilha got there for another bounty. "SDok" added $9,250 in bounties to the $14,594 prize money.

Pedro "PaDiLhA SP" Padilha br 37,127,370 12,224,605
Ilya "thienlao21" Korobkin 24,672,480 -1,843,630
Ognyan "cocojamb0" Dimov bg 7,617,324 -1,559,570
ruben0721 nl 6,326,612 2,796,908
rasek26 PL 6,056,214 -5,408,250
SDok RU Eliminado

"Genyss13" Eliminated in 7th Place ($10,705)

"Genyss13" Eliminated in 7th Place ($10,705)
"Genyss13" Eliminated in 7th Place ($10,705)

Blinds: 250K/500K/62.5K

"Genyss13" shoved a small stack from the middle, and big stack Pedro "PaDiLhA SP" Padilha reshoved the small blind. Padilha's ace held and "Genyss13" won more than $20K in total prizes.

Ilya "thienlao21" Korobkin 26,516,110 15,954,930
Pedro "PaDiLhA SP" Padilha br 24,902,765 2,347,425
rasek26 PL 11,464,464 -1,000,000
Ognyan "cocojamb0" Dimov bg 9,176,894 356,250
SDok RU 6,210,063 -300,000
ruben0721 nl 3,529,704 -1,950,000
Genyss13 LT Eliminado

"BenArfaa10" Eliminated in 8th Place ($7,852)

"BenArfaa10" Eliminated in 8th Place ($7,852)
"BenArfaa10" Eliminated in 8th Place ($7,852)

Blinds: 200K/400K/50K

Pedro "PaDiLhA SP" Padilha raised the cutoff to 800K, then called off when "BenArfaa10" shoved for 2,738,458 from the small blind. "BenArfaa10" was in with the worst ace and couldn't get there but collected $8,180 in bounties along the way.

Pedro "PaDiLhA SP" Padilha br 22,555,340 2,394,689
Genyss13 LT 15,408,605 4,538,769
rasek26 PL 12,464,464 -850,000
Ilya "thienlao21" Korobkin 10,561,180 -250,000
Ognyan "cocojamb0" Dimov bg 8,820,644 -450,000
SDok RU 6,510,063 -850,000
ruben0721 nl 5,479,704 -650,000
BenArfaa10 gb Eliminado