EPT Online 01: $1,050 NLHE [Arena Championship]

Palma Doubles

• Nível 48: 900,000-1,800,000, 225,000 ante
Palma Doubles

Guilherme "Guizãoo_" Carmo raised the button, then called off the big blind shove of Jeiko "JEIK0" Palma for just over 17M. Palma had a dominating king-queen against king-jack, and held for the double.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Guilherme "Guizãoo_" Carmo br
Guilherme "Guizãoo_" Carmo
br 37,447,258 -9,012,321
Jeiko "JEIK0" Palma PA
Jeiko "JEIK0" Palma
PA 37,284,642 11,442,321