$10,000 Main Event

Seat 7: Shurane Vijayaram (Australia) 7,470,000

Shurane Vijayaram

The man to catch currently is chip leader Shurane Vijayaram, who is coming into the 2017 Aussie Millions final table with more than double that of next closest rival Ben Heath.

Vijayaram won a ticket into this Main Event through a $130 rebuy satellite and with no live cashes to his name, according to Hendon Mob, he has found himself in a fantastic position to make his first score a huge one.

While he may be the least experienced player at the final table, Vijayaram is by no means outclassed by the star-studded field. He steamrolled his way through Day 4 by derailing the Mustapha Kanit express after winning a huge hand from Italian high roller without showdown.

While Vijayaram is certainly enjoying the rub of the green – making quads twice in two days against the unfortunate Frank Pezzaniti, flopping top set against Steven Swalling, rivering bottom set against Peter Aristidou and cracking Nino Marotta’s aces to eliminate all four players – the Australian pub player is in his element and is visibly enjoying taking on the world’s finest and winning.

Should Vijayaram continue to run as hot and playing as well as he has been, the other six players will find him a hard man to beat.

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Shurane Vijayaram au
Shurane Vijayaram
au 7,470,000

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